You’ve Got Cabinet Painting Questions | We’ve Got Answers

We often field cabinet painting questions such as, “My cabinets are solid but dark and dated, what are my options?” or “Can I do it myself?” or “What does faux finish mean?” We have curated all of our most frequently asked questions and provided answers for you on our cabinet painting FAQ page.


Endless options are available. We have refinished the darkest cherry and black stained cabinets to beautiful whites over the years. The water borne lacquer system that we use will not discolor over time as solvent-based products tend to do.

Regular paint such as trim and door paint or wall paints are not made for cabinets. We use a specialty system which is comprised of a primer and a lacquer finish especially made for cabinets.

The start of the project we will remove doors and drawer fronts to go to our shop for prep, primer and finish. The boxes will be prepped, primed and finished on site. Prep includes a thorough cleaning, light sand, caulk and putty where needed. Two-layer of specialty primer and two coats of finish lacquer will be the final steps for the boxes.

The kitchen and all cabinetry in it, is a very important part of your home. We feel strongly about adding value to your home. Using the wrong products, tools and process can be a costly mistake.

On the day we pull the doors and drawer fronts we like to have the counter tops empty. If the drawer fronts can be removed, the drawers do not need to be emptied. This also goes for the cabinets; we do not need to have the cabinets empty for us to finish the outsides and the face frames.

An average size kitchen will be finished in 5 to 7 working days.

The short answer is: Until you rip out the kitchen or ask us to refinish the cabinets. The finish will last a very long time with regular care. And we warranty our finish.

Yes, our company is fully insured.

Well, that would be us, Sarah and Mets. We like to keep it small, simple and personable. No better way to control the quality than doing it yourself.

Both Mets and Sarah have been doing interior and decorative finishes for over 15 years. After Mets moved up from Atlanta in 2014, we formed Shines Studios and dedicated more and more of our business to refinishing cabinetry.

Though one would think that all kitchens are the same, we have rarely seen two kitchens that are identical. We treat every project as a unique opportunity to provide the best transformation for your kitchen.

Our consultations are always free! We usually like to meet with potential clients first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. To set up a time to meet, contact us today!